Interested in hosting your next ICOM Committee Meeting in the United States? ICOM-US is here to help support you! 

ICOM-US can help by...

  • providing financial support for your International Committee meeting
  • function as your US-based Fiscal Sponsor to receive grants, make vendor payments, etc.
  • promote your meeting through social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • market your meeting to ICOM-US members database

Join the growing list of IC's who have successfully hosted their annual meeting in the U.S.

  • MPR 2018- Chicago, IL
  • UMAC 2018- Miami, FL
  • NATHIST 2017- Pittsburgh, PA
  • ICME 2017- Washington, DC
  • ICEE 2017- San Juan, PR
  • ICMEMO/ ICAMT- Cincinnati, OH
  • ICMS 2017- Cambridge, MA
  • CECA 2015- Washington, DC
  • INTERCOM 2015- Chicago, IL


Interested in learning more about the opportunity to host your meeting in the future?
Contact [email protected] or Click here for the Agreement Form.