Membership Categories and Eligibility

Regular- $135: Museum professionals still working, or other persons who, because of their experience or professional services rendered to ICOM, are eligible to become individual members.

Examples include:

  • Museum professionals
  • Professor working at or above the Master's Degree level in museum and museum-related studies, including art history
  • Professional workers/personnel of Special Libraries and Archives, in reference to libraries and archives with thematically specialized collections or holdings
  • Museum service companies/independent consultants 
  • Museum volunteer docent/educators depending on the resume, employment contract, and letters of recommendation. Active/not retired docents and volunteers need a letter from their museum supervisor/official confirming their active position.

Retired- $75: Retired museum professionals.
(Retired docents and retired volunteers are not eligible).

Student- $60 (non voting): ICOM-US will accept undergraduate or students working on their Master's Degree or PhD in museology, museum studies, museum education, museum management, conservation, art history or an equivalent museum-related subject. A scanned copy of the student's ID is required for approval.

Associate- $250:

Examples include:

  • Museum architects
  • Independent exhibit media/graphic and installation designers
  • Museum Trustees
  • Museum board members

Supporting- $500 (non voting): Persons or institutions providing substantial financial or other assistance to ICOM because of an interest in museums and international co-operation between museums.

Examples include:

  • Media (such as magazine publishers)
  • Attorneys and Counselors representing museums and not-for-profit organizations in all aspects of art and cultural heritage law, policy, and practice.

Important Notes:
Resumes or business cards are required with all new memberships and also by those who are changing membership categories.

ICOM Statutes Article 4 Membership Section 1:
“Membership in ICOM shall not be available to any person or institution (including its employees) which trades (buys or sells for profit) cultural property including works of art, natural and scientific specimens, taking into consideration national legislation and international conventions. This disqualification applies to list persons or institutions engaged in an activity which could cause a conflict of interest.”

Individual Membership Application
Institutional Membership Application



ICOM Statutes, revised/approved 2007
ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums, adopted 1986, revised 2004