ICOM-US: Your Passport to the World of Museums

When you join ICOM-US, you also become a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), a worldwide network of over 50,000 museum professionals with over 3,000 institutions in 135 countries and territories, working to create a world where cultural heritage and natural resources are universally understood, valued and protected. ICOM-US, based in Washington, DC, is the National Committee of ICOM for the United States.

You gain access to diverse perspectives and resources on timely issues, plus conferences, meetings, and workshops held in the United States and all over the globe. You may become involved in up to three of 32 international committees, each focused on a museum specialty.

And there’s more: Your ICOM card gives you free or discounted admission to participating museums throughout the world!

ICOM-US facilitates U.S. museum professionals’ participation in the global museum community, in addition to representing and advocating for U.S. museums’ international interests within ICOM. To date over 7,310 museum professionals and 140 museums from 50 states and territories have joined the National Committee of ICOM for the United States.

2022 Applications are closed. The 2023 applications forms will open in October 2022. 
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"What is a Museum? Perspectives from National and International Museum Leaders"

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ICOM: The World’s Museum Community

Headquartered at UNESCO House in Paris, France, ICOM stands as the sole international organization representing museums and museum professionals.
ICOM is one of the founding members of the International Committee of the Blue Shield and the creator of the Red List that classifies endangered categories of objects in vulnerable regions. It is the only international organization that can quickly mobilize museum specialists worldwide.
Through state-of-the-art research, resources and publications, training workshops, professional meetings and global conferences, and a commitment to guaranteeing the protection, conservation, and transfer of cultural goods, ICOM works for society and its development every day.
Learn more about ICOM’s missions and what they mean for you and your museum:
Establishing Standards of Excellence 

Working to Protect Cultural Heritage 

Developing the Professional Network 

Leading a Global Think Tank