ICOM Student Members

ICOM-US will accept undergraduate and/or students working on their master’s degree or PhD in museology, museum studies, museum education, museum management, conservation, art history or an equivalent museum-related subject. Each year, the student will have to produce a certificate of schooling at time of renewal. With the student membership, the student cannot be a voting member on an IC, but they can be a non-voting member on 4 International Committees!

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  • Educational and professional development
  • Free admission to participating member museums around the world
  • Possibility of joining ICOM International Committees in the future
  • Discounted membership ($60)


  • Subscription to ICOM News
  • Access to ICOM’s International Network Portal

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Student Nomination Program

Ask a professor to nominate you to receive 50% of your first year of ICOM-US membership (Promotional Discount Program for Students-$30):

**The nomination period has closed. Please stay tuned for further information regarding the 2023 Nomination program. 

ICOM-US launched a pilot program at the end of 2018 to encourage qualified students to become members of ICOM. Our goal is to grow a younger membership base in the ICOM-US community and to have these students become lifelong members of the ICOM community. To do this, we reached out to the faculty of over forty graduate programs and asked them to nominate three deserving students who are dedicated to making museums their career. Students were selected from graduate programs in museum studies, curatorial practice, art history, the sciences and history. ICOM-US contributed half the cost of the 2019 membership for each student. ICOM-US received 10 new nominated student members for our first year of the program.


Student: Meghaa B. (Johns Hopkins University): “The ICOM card is extraordinary! I use it everywhere I go, and it has paid for itself several times over. I used it for dissertation research, and to skip lines, at the Pompidou and the d'Orsay, and even the Louvre and the Pantheon, this summer. I also used it in New Delhi, Bombay, and New York. Since graduate work requires repeated visits and sustained engagement with objects, the ICOM card gave me the freedom to take my time, to take breaks between viewings, and to return to the things I wanted to look at most closely without rushing. I will be renewing, have highly recommended it to other colleagues in my Department, and my field more broadly, and can't really imagine research without it. I wish there was a way I could extend my 50% discount though! That cut really helped make it more affordable on my student budget.”

Professor: Kathy S. (Museum Studies GW University):  "As a faculty member of the GW Museum Studies program we have found the ICOM student membership invaluable for our students providing access to international readings, publications and meetings as well as joining an exciting new network of international museum professionals."

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