*ICOM Secretariat FAQ page

Membership (Join/Renew):

What is the difference between ICOM and ICOM-US membership?
ICOM, International Council of Museums, is the main organization and ICOM-US is the United States national committee of ICOM. You join ICOM through your national committee (ICOM-US). Your ICOM-US membership gives you all the access of ICOM-US benefits as well as all the benefits of being a member of ICOM (National and International). You will be an ICOM member, through the US chapter. Find more information about ICOM here: http://icom.museum. Find a complete list of all national committees here: http://icom.museum/the-committees/national-committees/

How to join?Join by completing the application form on our Join us page HERE. Your application will be send for approval in the system and can take 4-6 weeks to be finalized. Once you are approved, you will receive an update in the system that your application has been accepted and a link to provide membership payment. Once you have submitted payment, your membership materials will be mailed to you by USPS.

How to renew? Renewals open in November of the prior year (ex- 2018 membership renewals will be sent out in November of 2017) of membership. The renewal invoice reminders will be sent via email to all members through the membership database. To renew, sign in to your profile on the icomus.org website and update any contact changes and submit payment. Once you have submitted payment, your annual membership sticker will be mailed to you by USPS.

Approval process for joining ICOM-US as a new member: The approval process can up to 6-8 weeks to be finalized. Your applications are approved by ICOM-US and then sent to ICOM Paris for final approval. ICOM Paris then will manufacture the ICOM cards and send to ICOM-US for distribution. ICOM-US will then send new members all their membership materials, including the membership letter, ICOM card, and annual ICOM sticker to validate the card.

Individual membership vs. Institutional membership (benefits of international committees, membership number and ICOM cards)
With institutional membership, an institution can assign 3 representatives to join and be involved in international committees and also use the institutional membership number to attend conferences. If the institution would like to assign those (3) members interested in membership as their representatives, they can join that way. However, institutions receive a certain amount of ICOM cards depending on their membership level (min: 3 to max: 8 cards). These cards can be distributed however the institution would like. These cards have the institutional name and institutional number on the card. Some institutions assign a specific person to each card, others have one admin hold onto the cards and let all staff use them on an as need basis.

Joining as individual member, you can join several international committees (only voting member of one committee and join up to three additional committees) and receive your own individual membership number specific only to you and your own ICOM card (your name and membership number). As an individual member, you can renew on your own and create your own network within ICOM. For example, if an institution does not renew their membership, then those (3) representatives for that institution cannot be active in ICOM leadership until they are renewed. This may be tricky if the institution has already given out their institutional membership cards to other representatives at a time and then would have to approve the representative change to use the membership number to be involved in international committees or us the membership number for a conference.

How to get involved:

How to get involved? The best way to get involved is through an international committee. Please find the list of committees here: http://icom.museum/the-committees/

Can I join more than one international committee? Yes, individuals can only be a voting member (board member or leadership) of one international committee, but can participate on up to three additional international committees. Here is the full list of international committees: http://icom.museum/the-committees/international-committees/

Updates or Changes to Membership:

How to receive replacement card? Please request a replacement card by completing this form. The ICOM card will be manufactured in Paris and then sent to the ICOM-US Washington, DC office for distribution.

How to update contact information or new affiliation? Please login to your profile on the icomus.org website and update your information, make sure to save your changes. Notifications of the changes will be sent to ICOM-US and the ICOM Secretariat. If you have any additional changes, please email icomus@icom.museum with any questions.

For more information, please email your question to icomus@icom.museum.