ICOM-US, based in Washington, DC, is the National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) for the United States. Members of ICOM-US are leaders in creating a world in which natural and cultural resources and heritage are universally understood, valued, and protected.

Joining ICOM-US is the gateway to accessing ICOM's specialized committees, resources, and other member benefits. ICOM-US is a network for US museum professionals committed to international collaboration.

The US has the largest number of museums (about 17,500) and largest museum workforce (over 400,000 people) in the world. Our mission is to facilitate and to increase US museum professionals’ participation in the worldwide cultural community, in addition to representing and to advocating for US museums' international interests and perspectives within ICOM.

Our vision is to serve US museums and museum professionals as a primary resource for information and education on international issues as well as guidance on ethical concerns. It also serves as a portal to the global museum community, creating access to international colleagues and communities of professional engagement.

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The Benefits of Membership

If you are a museum professional or you represent a museum institution and wish to share the International Council of Museum’s vision of a world where the importance of the natural and cultural heritage is universally acknowledged, join us!

As a member of ICOM, you will be part of the global museum community and you can get involved in international missions while gaining access to ICOM’s resources.

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What is ICOM?

Founded in 1946, the International Council of Museums is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the world's museums and the museum profession as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. ICOM has about 30,000 members in 137 countries and territories. Its official languages are English, French and Spanish.

The important work of ICOM is carried out through a network of 117 national committees and 31 international committees (dedicated to various museum specialities) and a variety of affiliated and regional organizations. ICOM's international headquarters is the General Secretariat, located at UNESCO House in Paris, France.


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