The 26th ICOM General Conference | Prague, Czech Republic | August 20-28, 2022

ICOM-US Virtual Travel Grant Applications

For ICOM-US members only, new members are eligible to apply. In-person grants have closed, virtual participation only for these applications.

Read the application guidelines for virtual participation hereSubmission period closed August 5, 2022.  

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 ICOM-US Programs in Prague

  • (Hybrid) Monday, August 22, 11:45-13:15:  ICOM Stephen E. Weil Memorial Lecture: LGBTIQ+ Museums - ICOM-US Sponsor with ICEE and INTERCOM.
  • Monday, August 22, 19:00-23:30: Opening Party for ICOM General Conference
  • (Hybrid) Tuesday, August 23, 12:00 -12:30: Keynote: Lonnie Bunch and Hilary Carty- Vision: Museums and Leadership
  • (Hybrid) Tuesday, August 23, 16:15 to 17:45- IC & NC Sessions- [block C] joint session ICEE, IC Ethics, COMCOL, and ICOM-US.
  • Tuesday, August 23, 18:30-20:00: ICOM-US Member Reception in partnership with the US Embassy in Prague at the Ambassador’s Residence.
  • Wednesday, August 24- ICOM Extraordinary General Assembly (12:30-15:00) and Ordinary General Assembly (15:30-17:45)- close of main conference program
  • Wednesday, August 24, 19:00-23:30- ICOM General Conference Flag Relay Ceremony, followed by the closing Flag Relay Party.

(Hybrid)- open to virtual participants

*Other events still being confirmed for both in-person and virtual participation


  • ICOM-US is supporting two nominations for US candidates running for elections in Prague. Please help support your fellow US colleagues by voting for their opportunity to join ICOM leadership by helping to contribute to the global museum community as a US representative. More information on these candidates can be found here.
    • Antonio Rodriguez (ICEE), Candidate for Chair of the ICOM Advisory Council.
    • Robert Haroutunian (AVICOM), Candidate for Ordinary Board Member of the ICOM Executive Board.

ICOM Prague 2022 “The Power of Museums”

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic and a magnificent open-air museum, will welcome the 26th ICOM General Conference in the week of 20–28 August 2022. Museum professionals from around the world will put forward the topics and set the direction of the museum sector for the next three years at least. We will be interested in the strength, position and capacity of museums in building a free, democratic and educated society, reactions of museums to the challenges and needs of the 21st century; and the ability to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, both societal and economic. The results of the search for a new definition of "museum" will be presented at ICOM Prague 2022.

Let's be there together!

 Registration for ICOM Prague 2022 is open here!

Dear museum professionals, thank you for your enormous interest in the greatest museum congress in the world! More information here.

 COVID-19 Safety Measures

From 9 April 2022 it is possible to enter the Czech Republic as before the pandemic COVID-19. More you can read here.

 Letter from Alberto Garlandini, ICOM President

Read here.


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Background Information on Selection from ICOM Paris:

Following the Advisory Council’s vote on the host city for the ICOM General Conference 2022 last June, ICOM and its National Committee in Egypt had started to prepare for the 26th ICOM General Conference in Alexandria. Both parties strived to meet the conditions and requirements for hosting the ICOM General Conference, an event which often attracts more than 3,000 participants and includes 150 sessions and workshops. The General Conference in Alexandria in 2022 was to be the first one in an African and Arab country. Alexandria, as home to the ancient and modern “biblioteca” would have been an attractive venue.

However, after ten months of preparation, ICOM received a letter from the Governor of Alexandria and e-mails from the National Committee ICOM Egypt, both stating that they are not able to organise the General Conference 2022 in Alexandria. The ICOM Executive Board had therefore no option – much to its regret – but to accept this decision and to cease the process.

As the city of Prague, Czech Republic, was the second candidate favoured by the Advisory Council, the ICOM Executive Board therefore took the decision to mandate its National Committee in the Czech Republic to organise the 26th ICOM General Conference in Prague. ICOM Czech Republic has now established an Organising Committee that has begun to work with partners on all levels from local to national and international. ICOM looks forward with pleasure and confidence to holding its General Conference in the Czech capital in 2022.