Call for papers

See the full Call for Papers and detailed information here.

Papers related to the conference theme: The role of Curators in Museum Research and Exhibits:
Tradition, Change, and Looking to the Future are now invited. Many museums and collections face
the restructuring of organizational processes within their collections and museums. The scholarly
background of curators seems less important and many curators are expected to take over other
tasks than traditional collections management and exhibition planning. Increasing social media leads
to regularly block entries or tweets, which are more and more demanded to communicate with the
audience. These and others topic will be addressed around the theme of curator’s role.
As it is the CIPEG tradition, there is also an Open Forum for papers related to general museums
work in Egyptian and Sudan Archaeological collections.

If you wish to present a paper, please send the title and an abstract (in English) of no more than 300
words to Emily Teeter, and cc. to Tine Bagh. Abstracts should be submitted as Word files and include
your name, title, institutional affiliation (if appropriate) and full contact details.

The deadline for receiving abstracts is Tuesday July 1, 2017